Our Company MT-TRAILERS is the producer of heavy duty trailers, which are used in harbors or in intern Transport.


Our transport solutions are used in many branches of industry such as metallurgy, steel processing, paper industry, wood industry and the economic industry, etc. .


The 25 years of experience while working with similar companies, allows us to deliver well thought through and good quality products. Our products are delivered to well known companies europe-wide.


We design and manufacture our transport systems after the individual needs of our costumers.


Our designers will find the optimal solution for you and our production department will do exactly what will be the best for you in the given conditions, regardless of whether you need a standard or a costumized transport system.


MT-TRAILERS Sp. z o.o.

ul.Piłsudskiego 64

64-600 Oborniki





+48 604 629 729
+48 602 393 935


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