Our Company MT-TRAILERS manufactures transport trailers used in internal transport.


We design and produce our trailers according to the needs of our clients.


The produced trailers are used as a mode of transport or in technological lines.


The length, capacity and width of the trailer is adapted to the needs of our costumers.


We produce trailers with a capacity from 1t to 300t, a width of 6 meters and length of 30 meters.

We also offer a wide range of wheels and tires.


Our trailers are equipped with light, brakes, ladders, bumpers, platform gratings and alot more

solutions, that make the distribution and transport easier.


The trailers usually move at the speed of 6km/. The speed can be increased to 25m/h. Carry a

technical check by TUV DEKRA out, so that the trailer may be admitted to public traffic