Transport trailers of the type ROLLTRAILER


Our company MT-TRAILERS produces transport trailers type ROLLTRAILER used in internal transport and in harbor.

We design and manufacture the ROLLTRAILERS according to the needs of our costumers.

ROLLTRAILERS can be used as moving pallets that can be moved quickly.


Specially prepared hook solutions are used to allocate the ROLLTRAILER or a similar solution in the form of a ROLLPALLET.

This type of trailers can be pulled or pushed by forklifts or special tractors.


Our company also provides advice and assistance in the comprehensive solution of transport problems.

We are happy to help u establish cooperation in the purchase of MAFI transport tractors.

We manufacture ROLLTRAILER trailers in the load capacities from 2t to 300t in any widths and lengths.


ROLLTRAILER trailers have loading surface made of sheet metal, wood or plywood. There’s also the possibility of covering it with gratings. They may have stanchions limiting the load or transverse

beams supporting the load.


Any other solution or use of the ROLLTRAILER will be a challenge for us